A human being- that’s how I’d like to introduce myself to you. Because after leaving the usual traits- nationality, ethnicity, religious views, social class, gender, sexual orientation, age, complexion, height, weight- belonging to the same species might be the only similarity between you and me! So let’s start there.

As a kid I was fortunate enough to be grown up in a family that was both inspiring and supportive. While most of the nineties kids were introduced to technology with hand-held gamepads, I was one of the few luckiest to be able to get my hands on a computer at a very young age. Under my father’s supervision I split my time between games and getting to know the basics of computer including typing, Microsoft word, painting, piano, photoshop (yes, that was in early 2000's!). I was already a power user by the time I got into high school. I soon discovered my abilities to get the hang of new softwares pretty easily which comes instinctively.

I started keeping tabs on technology at an early age and started writing about tech towards the latter years of my education in Government Laboratory High School. But as for my love of technology, it didn’t really start with technology itself, it started with books and at a much earlier stage! I learnt that innovation needs an imaginative mind which for me was shaped by books by reputable authors of different era and had a profound effect on my tender mind. Being a student at one of the most prestigious institution of the country and guided by the sage teachers, I was able to nurture my mental development and develop my senses from the very beginning.

College years had been the stage to broaden my views and being able to walk on others shoes. One perk of studying in Dhaka College was I got much free time to start contemplating on myself, my surroundings, people of my generation and environment which helped develop my endurance level and consciousness.

Ever since childhood I had three equally strong passions: robots, computers and automobiles. And when I was presented with an option to choose subject for my undergraduate study in Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, I wasted no time in choosing the subject which will leave all three doors open for me- Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

My university life so far has been the most diverse time of my life. I’ve made new friends and worked with some truly amazing people, worked under supervision of great teachers, participated in numerous projects shows, workshops and seminars, I’ve joined in societies and contributed in organizing several events. I’ve also published an e-book that contains solutions to many C++ problems. During the last two years of my university life, I have been a member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), an international professional organization of electrical and electronics engineers. I have served as the webmaster of the student branch of IEEE in my university and subsequently became the Vice Chair. I also became affiliated with the IEEE Bangladesh Section and became a Content Writer in the IEEE Bangladesh Section Student Activities Committee. These were truly life-changing for me, as I got to meet and network with more people. I also visited India in 2017 to attend an IEEE event and represent Bangladesh.

Immediately after my graduation, I got into the best semiconductor design company based in Bangladesh, Ulkasemi Private Limited. I was always fascinated by computers and learning that the integrated circuit chips are at the heart of the computers intrigued me from the very early days of my university life. I chose electronics as my major and started working on building up my profile suitable for the VLSI industry. In Ulkasemi, I have been lucky enough to get some amazing colleagues and clients. I have also received exemplary employee awards and lead critical projects to successful completion within deadline. As Mark Twain said, "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life", I never felt the burden of the job, instead enjoy every bit of it!

Apart from spending my free time on social media, I enjoy reading and occasionally writing articles and tutorials, taking photographs, watching videos on youtube that range from funny cat videos to documentaries to quantum mechanics to astrophysics. I love watching movies and tv series and try to relate them to life. I enjoy listening to music from almost all ages and genres. I basically like any form of art that soothes my senses.

I remember my father to once show me the milky way when I was a kid. The awe of discovering my insignificance in this vast universe and simultaneous joy of being part of something so great engulfed me in such a way that it has defined my way of thinking. To this day, I have known my place in the universe and with ever expanding universe I’m trying hard to expand my little universe too.