V-Ray Rendering of Government Laboratory High School's 3D Model that I made in SketchUp.

Bonus: Previews of how the model would've looked like if it was accepted on Google Earth and, some satellite images of how the school campus looked in 2001, 2006 and 2013

Published on: February 6, 2014
Click to view the model in 3D. Drag mouse to view from different angles. Hold shift and drag to move. Scroll on it to zoom.

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This geo-located SketchUp model was uploaded in 3D warehouse to be available on Google Earth. View it in 3D warehouse.

***UPDATE (February, 2014) :: As it appears, Google has discontinued approving any more user-generated 3D structures since October 1st, 2013. The models uploaded prior to October 1st will still be available until all structures are replaced by new models created with some new technology. (See Details) So this model will never make it to Google Earth. ***

***UPDATE (March, 2014) :: I recently improved the outline of the school building (First created by Mr. Eshan) and added the height, which made the building a 3D structure. It has been published and publicly viewable in both web version and Google Maps app. But 3D view is not recognizable in web version. You can find it here.

See Details of the edit: ***

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Satellite view of 2001
Satellite view of 2006
Satellite view of 2013
Google Earth Preview
Google Earth Preview
Google Map Building Structure (Link to the map)