About the website

The Logo

Logo is something that I adore! Whenever I look at a logo, I try to understand the meaning it tries to convey, the personality of the brand it represents. And I always wanted a strong, significant logo for myself. I took matters into my own hand a few years ago and finally designed this logo.

The color that I used for the base is a shade of Teal (Hex #009688). This shade is one of the most prominent colors of the color palette used for Google’s Material Design. Although I think design is something that you can’t generalize and make rules of. But Google’s Material Design to me is by far the most sophisticated design principle I've seen. I implemented the Material Design philosophy for the drop shadow too!

The specialty of the logo is, it integrates my initials S and A. The S is subtler with the white line, but the A is hidden inside the upper right portion of S. I think the negative spacing used here give the logo a bold impression.

The Website

I tried organizing the whole site into different segments of my works. The about section includes details about both myself and this website. The project works I have done for university course work or solely for the sheer joy of myself, can be found in the projects page. I have also wrote articles in multiple genres, which can be found in the aptly titled Articles tab. As such, the tutorials tab contains some of the tutorials I have made, mostly based on tech. I love taking photographs and used to be a frequent uploader on Flickr. The photos I loved and wanted to share with others can be found in the Photographs tab. I also love traveling, many of the travel diaries are available in the Traveling section.

The site shaerahmed.com was first published on September, 2015. Since then, I have maintained the site personally and update it regularly. The site was previously hosted on Weebly.com and had been a very good accomplice. It was very easy to update the site via the intuitive editor and the support team was very helpful. However, I felt there are much more features than I need, which eventually hampered maintance.

After almost two years with no update to the website, I finally decided to move the site out of Weebly to the new Google Sites. I used the Google Sites earlier, and felt that it was good for only temporary classroom sites. However, with introduction to a multitude of new tools and features, the new Google Sites looked very polished and it occured to me that it can fulfill all my needs. Hence I took the time to move all the pages from Weebly to Google Sites.